Synonyms:  Baldisserite, Baudisserite, Carbonate of Magnesia, Giobertite, Magnesianite, Raubschite
Classification:  Carbonates, Calcit Group
Chemical formula:  MgCO3
Crystal system:  Trigonal
Density (g/cm3):  2,98 - 3,02 measured, 3,01 calculated
Tenacity:  Brittle
Cleavage:  Perfect
Fracture:  Conchoidal
Hardness (Mohs):  3,5 - 4
Colour:  Colourless, white, greyish-white, yellowish, brown, faintly pink, lilac-rose
Lustre:  Vitreous, dull
Streak:  White
Type locality:  Magnisía Prefecture (Magnesia), Thessalia Department (Thessaly), Greece & Bettolino, Baldissero Canavese, Canavese District, Torino Province, Piedmont, Italy
Application:  source of MgO, refractory materials, gemstone




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