Synonyms:  Flower Sugilite, Lavenderine, Lilalite, Lilianthite, Lithia Mica, Lithionglimmer, Lithionite
IMA Status:  Discredited
Classification:  Silicates, Phyllosilicates. Mica Group, Polylithionite - Trilithionite series
Chemical formula:  K(Li,Al)3[(F,OH)2|(Al,Si)Si3O10]
Crystal system:  Monoclinic
Density (g/cm3):  2,8 - 2,9 measured, 2,83 calculated
Tenacity:  Elastic
Cleavage:  Perfect on {001}
Fracture:  Micaceous
Hardness (Mohs):  2,5 - 3
Colour:  Transparent, pink, light purple, light rose red, yellowish, green, white
Lustre:  Sub-vitreous, resinous, greasy, pearly
Streak:  white
Type locality:  Rožná pegmatite, Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, Žďár nad Sázavou District, Vysočina Region, Moravia, Czech Republic
Application:  Ore of lithium, cesium and rubidium




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