Balls of precious stones

In Stone Balls category we are offering plenty of cut and polished spheres made of traditional and unusual rock and semiprecious stone materials. Stone balls are not only favored collectibles but well linked to interior furnishing household designers. Every Rock Sphere at this section is a unique object with individual picture.



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Agate Balls
4 items
Amethyst Balls
3 items
Apatite Balls
6 items
Aragonite Balls
40 items
Calcite Balls
28 items
Charoite Balls
8 items
Crystal Balls
38 items
Epidote Balls
2 items
Fluorite Balls
88 items
Fuchsite Balls
3 items
Gabbro Balls
7 items
Jasper Balls
5 items
Malachite Balls
11 items
Nephrite Balls
3 items
Rhyolite Balls
1 items
Selenite Balls
14 items
Sodalite Balls
1 items
Tiger Eye Balls
15 items



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