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Art in the Mirror of Ages (english)

Item-No.: BUCH02
Price: 9.90 EUR 
Bohemian Trilobites (english)

Item-No.: P10028
Price: 26.50 EUR 
Brachiopods of the order Orthida in Czechoslovakia

Item-No.: P10399
Price: 16.00 EUR 
Der Steinheimer Meteorkrater (in German)

Item-No.: PF01
Price: 20.00 EUR 
Durch die Fränkische Schweiz (in German)

Item-No.: PF09
Price: 20.00 EUR 
Geology of Burkina Faso (english, French)

Item-No.: P10129
Price: 36.00 EUR 
Geology of Iraq (english)

Item-No.: BUCH09
Price: 139.00 EUR 
Gold deposits in Bohemia (english)

Item-No.: P10156
Price: 22.00 EUR 
Man and stone (english)

Item-No.: P10259
Price: 9.50 EUR 
Maple leaves from the Tertiary of North Bohemia

Item-No.: P10397
Price: 14.00 EUR 
Meteoritenkrater Nördlinger Ries (in German)

Item-No.: PF05
Price: 20.00 EUR 
Minerals and their Localities - 3. edition

Item-No.: GR06
Price: 117.00 EUR 
Minerals of the Carpathians

Item-No.: GR03
Price: 39.00 EUR 
Moldavite book by Prof Bouska (english)

Item-No.: BUCH01
Price: 19.00 EUR 
Palaeozoic of the Barrandian (english

Item-No.: P10342
Price: 34.00 EUR 
Paleolithic and Mesolithic Moravia (english)

Item-No.: BUCH03
Price: 25.00 EUR 
Paläontologie der Wirbeltiere (in German)

Item-No.: PF02
Price: 48.00 EUR 
Rund um Regensburg (in German)

Item-No.: PF11
Price: 20.00 EUR 
Russian Gemstones encyclopedia

Item-No.: GR02
Price: 39.00 EUR 
Schwäbische Alb (in German)

Item-No.: PF10
Price: 22.00 EUR 
The Extinct Life (english)

Item-No.: BUCH05
Price: 9.00 EUR 
The Story of Mankind (english)

Item-No.: BUCH04
Price: 16.90 EUR 
The Underground of Zlaté Hory

Item-No.: BUCH10
Price: 29.00 EUR 




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