Stone saws

and suitable diamond wheels

Automatic Screw-Feeded Diamond Slab Saw 300 mm

Item-No.: L12
Price: 2875.00 EUR 

Cooling Oil 1 Litre

Item-No.: KO1
Price: 15.00 EUR 

Cooling Oil 10 Litre

Item-No.: KO10
Price: 135.00 EUR 

Cooling Oil 4 Litre

Item-No.: KO4
Price: 56.00 EUR 

Diamond trim saw machine 150 mm

Item-No.: TS6
Price: 749.00 EUR 

Diamond trim saw machine 250 mm

Item-No.: TS10
Price: 949.00 EUR 

Saw Fence for TS6 and TS10

Item-No.: TS6-10FS
Price: 39.00 EUR 

Saw Vise for TS10 Diamond Trim Saw

Item-No.: TS10SK
Price: 179.00 EUR 

Saw Vise for TS6 Diamond Trim Saw

Item-No.: TS6SK
Price: 167.00 EUR