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Moldavite animal figurines

Virtuosity, distinct power of observation and vivid fantasy of the carvers let lifelike animal figurines arise from the green gem. Some figurines are polished and then become sleek and clear like green glass. Other figurines captivate us by the stone's cliffy surface.
We offert a great diversity of species, land and water animals, the tree of life and creatures from fairyland.
Each figurine is a unicum, traditionally manufactured in Bohemia.
Even more individually? Our carvers fulfill also your desire !

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Moldavite, Eagle head

Item-No.: 4310005
Price: 322.00 EUR 
Moldavite, Elephant head

Item-No.: 4310060
Price: 482.00 EUR 
Moldavite, Elephant head

Item-No.: 4310063
Price: 378.00 EUR 
Moldavite, Elephant head

Item-No.: 4310065
Price: 456.00 EUR 
Moldavite, Frog

Item-No.: 4310036
Price: 310.00 EUR 
Moldavite, Hippo

Item-No.: 4310039
Price: 372.00 EUR 
Moldavite, Hippo

Item-No.: 4310043
Price: 382.00 EUR 
Moldavite, Owl

Item-No.: 4310067
Price: 508.00 EUR 
Moldavite, Rat

Item-No.: 4310029
Price: 298.00 EUR 
Moldavite, Rat

Item-No.: 4310031
Price: 340.00 EUR 
Moldavite, Turtle

Item-No.: 4310028
Price: 384.00 EUR 
Moldavite, Wether

Item-No.: 4310012
Price: 442.00 EUR 
Moldavite, Wether

Item-No.: 4310045
Price: 314.00 EUR 
Moldavite, eagle's head

Item-No.: 4310124
Price: 298.00 EUR 
Moldavite, eagle's head

Item-No.: 4310140
Price: 330.00 EUR 
Moldavite, elephant

Item-No.: 4310082
Price: 282.00 EUR 
Moldavite, elephant

Item-No.: 4310117
Price: 358.00 EUR 
Moldavite, elephant's head

Item-No.: 4310090
Price: 476.00 EUR 
Moldavite, fish

Item-No.: 4310130
Price: 410.00 EUR 
Moldavite, frog

Item-No.: 4310095
Price: 262.00 EUR 
Moldavite, horse

Item-No.: 4310138
Price: 426.00 EUR 
Moldavite, scarab

Item-No.: 4310081
Price: 212.00 EUR 
Moldavite, scarab

Item-No.: 4310092
Price: 270.00 EUR 




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