true-to-detail replica made of plaster

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Australopithecus aethiopicus (Paranthropus) (replica)

Item-No.: REP343
Price: 180.00 EUR 
Australopithecus africanus (Plesianthropus) (replica)

Item-No.: REP580
Price: 180.00 EUR 
Australopithecus africanus Mrs Ples (replica)

Item-No.: REP810
Price: 99.00 EUR 
Australopithecus robustus (replica)

Item-No.: REP808
Price: 99.00 EUR 
Homo (erectuc seu sapiens) Aborigine (replica)

Item-No.: REP799
Price: 189.00 EUR 
Homo erectus erectus (replica)

Item-No.: REP712
Price: 180.00 EUR 
Homo erectus, crane fragment (cast)

Item-No.: REP185
Price: 42.00 EUR 
Homo neanderthalensis (replica)

Item-No.: REP622
Price: 59.00 EUR 
Homo neanderthalensis (replica)

Item-No.: REP188
Price: 9.00 EUR 
Homo neanderthalensis mandible (cast)

Item-No.: REP623
Price: 59.00 EUR 
Homo sapiens Aborigine (replica)

Item-No.: REP800
Price: 179.00 EUR 
Homo steinheimensis (replica)

Item-No.: REP811
Price: 99.00 EUR 
Lucy skeleton replica

Item-No.: REP579
Price: 890.00 EUR 
Lucy skull reconstructed (replica)

Item-No.: REP645
Price: 99.00 EUR 





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