Vibratory Tumblers, Tumble Vibe, Adjusta Vibe

Tumbling or rumbling process is well know from nature, where the sharp parts of rocks are smoothing and polishing during the water transportation at river bed or through eternal movement of water waives on the sea coast. Rotary or vibratory tumble finishing is a technique for grinding, smoothing and polishing a rough surface on relatively small parts within significantly shorter time. Unlike rotary tumbling where just the top, sliding layer of the load is being worked, the entire load in vibratory tumbler is ground or polished continuously. In gem production, vibratory tumbling is preferred for preforms where shape must be retained.

Bowl and Cover for RAV25

Item-No.: RB25
Price: 487.00 EUR 

Bowl and Cover for RAV40

Item-No.: RB40
Price: 589.00 EUR 

Bowl and Cover for RAV75

Item-No.: RB75
Price: 695.00 EUR 

Bowl and Cover for RTV5

Item-No.: RB5
Price: 39.00 EUR 

Vibratory Tumbler 16 Kg

Item-No.: RAV40
Price: 1995.00 EUR 

Vibratory Tumbler 30 Kg

Item-No.: RAV75
Price: 2495.00 EUR 

Vibratory Tumbler 9 Kg

Item-No.: RAV25
Price: 1247.00 EUR