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UV Lamps

Ultraviolet light (UV) is electromagnetic radiation in the segment of the spectrum with wavelength from 10 nm to 405 nm, shorter than that of visible light but longer than X-rays.  It differs from visible light in that its wavelengths are too short to be seen by the human eye. When UV radiation falls upon phosphors, it causes the phosphors to emit specific radiation. This is known as fluorescence.  In some materials, the fluorescence lingers on and slowly disappears after the UV source is removed. This phenomenon is known as phosphorescence.  Fluorescence in some minerals occurs when a specimen is illuminated with specific wavelengths of light. Different UV wavelengths cause a temporary color change of examined minerals, what can be used for its determination.

We are offering Ultraviolet lamps with long wave radiation (UV-A; 315 nm and above), midrange radiation (UV-B; 280 – 315 nm) and shortwave radiation (UV-C; 280 nm and below) or its combination.

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Handheld UV Lamp Short-Long Wave, 6 Watt Model, 220 V

Item-No.: UVGL58
Price: 459.00 EUR 
Pocket UV Longwave Black Light 390 nm

Item-No.: PUV7
Price: 19.00 EUR 
Pocket UV Longwave Black Light 395 nm

Item-No.: PUV8
Price: 29.00 EUR 
Pocket UV Longwave Black Light 405 nm

Item-No.: PUV10
Price: 19.00 EUR 
Portable UV Short and Long Wave Field Lamp 6W

Item-No.: UVGL48OB
Price: 615.00 EUR 
Portable UV-Long Wave Black Light with LED Light

Item-No.: PUV12
Price: 18.50 EUR 
UV Lamp Short-Long Wave, 6 Watt Model, 220 V

Item-No.: UVLS26
Price: 449.00 EUR 




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