Moldavite Neclaces and Bracelets

Very individual necklaces of pure Moldavite or sometimes combined with semi-precious stones as bohemian garnet, amethyst or Perl and silver.

Moldavites are products of the hit of meteorite 14,7 MY ago, in the place of Bavaria which is today known as krater Ries. During the hit of meteorite the surrounding rocks has been melted and splashed to south of Bohemia - around the Moldau River. Since a long time the marvelous olive green color cached the eyes of Jeweler’s. Our company produce our own Moldavite jewelry since 1991.   

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Moldavite bracelet

Item-No.: BR242
Price: 262.00 EUR 
Moldavite necklace

Item-No.: 4289
Price: 538.00 EUR 
Moldavite necklace

Item-No.: 4290
Price: 458.00 EUR 
Moldavite necklace

Item-No.: 6967
Price: 289.00 EUR 
Moldavite necklace

Item-No.: 6968
Price: 395.00 EUR 
Moldavite necklace

Item-No.: 6970
Price: 617.00 EUR 
Moldavite necklace with Amethyst

Item-No.: 6961
Price: 159.00 EUR 
Moldavite necklace with garnet and silver

Item-No.: 6965
Price: 178.00 EUR 
Moldavite necklace with silver

Item-No.: 6971
Price: 209.00 EUR 




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